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“Ahmedabad, a vibrant city in the state of Gujarat, India, is known for its rich architectural heritage and modern architectural marvels. The city boasts a diverse range of architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary, and has become a hub for architecture enthusiasts and professionals alike.

One of the prominent architectural landmarks in Ahmedabad is the Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram, which was the residence of Mahatma Gandhi during India’s struggle for independence. The ashram is a prime example of simple and sustainable architecture, featuring mud and brick structures, open courtyards, and natural lighting.

Another iconic structure in Ahmedabad is the Adalaj Stepwell, a masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture. This intricately designed stepwell dates back to the 15th century and is adorned with intricate carvings, ornate pillars, and stunning geometric patterns.


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