IPL hair removal device Australia – JOVS Venus Pro

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JOVS Venus Pro is the world’s first dual-purpose hair remover skincare product. It is also the first IPL hair removal device that features a medical-grade beauty filter head. It features a sleek, matte exterior with a champagne finish for a superior look, an ergonomic design for comfort and skin rejuvenating technology for healthier skin.

The JOVS Venus Pro has 6 distinct settings and 6 energy levels, designed to meet any hair removal demand. It combines IPL and the latest photon skin rejuvenation technologies to give salon-like results, painlessly, effectively and with more skin benefits than ever imagined.

Looking for the best IPL hair removal device in Australia? Head over to LivEmall to shop the JOVS Venus Pro today.

Source: https://livemall.com.au/products/jovs-venus-pro

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