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Oneness Yoga Challenge-2023
Submitted by ekam on April 30, 2023 in Business

The greater purpose of yoga is often lost in the modern world. Yoga is not just about achieving good health or youthfulness. Yoga emerged from the ancient sages of India,….

Breathing Room – Abundant Life Practice
Submitted by ekam on April 7, 2023 in Business

An every day practice to nurture the 3 dimensions of the beautiful state – the calm, connected and creative dimensions. As you do the practice everyday, you are awakening the….

Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji – World Oneness Day 2023 | Meditation
Submitted by ekam on February 23, 2023 in Business

Oneness is the true nature of our existence.A return to oneness is the solution to the persistent problems that surround us individually and globally.That is why the World oneness day.The….